How to Start Dating Instagram Models Today [Full Guide]

Ah, Instagram models. Girls who were once just pretty faces, now get to have the world at their fingertips every day of the week. They must feel like Kim K. just after that video came out.

It’s pretty hit or miss with their personalities, but it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’re going to be smoking hot. If given the opportunity, you’d date (or just do the fuckpal thing with) one too, so let’s check out some tips for landing one of these smokeshows in your bed today.

  • Your Profile

    Since the best way to approach these girls is through Instagram, we are going to need to make sure your profile is top-notch. That’s step #1.

    That means you can’t post any pictures of your favorite football team’s logo, or your sweet mall-ninja weapon collection. None of that shit.

    Try to stick to pictures of you and your friends all drinking or having a good time in general. It’s important that these girls know you’re someone whos easy to hang out with – someone whos not going to be weird the first time you hang out with them.

    Next, we are going to need to work on that bio. When an Instagram model visits your profile, the first thing she will look at is your bio.

    If your bio is 3000 lines long with a bunch of lame-ass quotes and emojis that vaguely connect with your ‘sense of humor’ or whatever, she will bounce out instantly.

    So keep it simple. Quality is always better than quantity so if you have a super funny, two sentence (maybe one) bio that’ll steal her heart before she even knows what you look like.

  • Direct Messaging

    Direct messaging Instagram models can seem like an intimidating interaction, but don’t let their hotness get into your head. They’re human beings just like you. That means they like it when people ask about them, and they love attention (especially Insta models), so try to make them feel special.

    Not too special though. It’s important that these girls know right off the bat that you don’t really give a shit if they reply or not. Maybe start with a funny short joke about their names. You can even ask a playful question about one of their pictures. You can show them you’ve checked out their profiles while chatting them up at the same time.

    Don’t be creepy. These kinds of girls have been starred at and crept on their whole lives. If you want to attract them, you simply have to treat them like regular human beings. Try being nice but also try to be kind of chummy like you’ve been friends for years.

    Above all, just play it cool. Don’t try too hard and don’t get lost in their charm and forget your ways.

  • Fuck Ups

    There are a hundred thousand ways to fuck up this process – probably more actually.

    One of the big ones is liking every single picture they’ve ever posted in a 5-minute time span. It’s a trick everyone tries when they start following a new cute girl on Insta, and it doesn’t work unless you’re in the 8th grade. All it’s going to do is make you look like a sketch weirdo who doesn’t know how to keep his cool.

    DO NOT get angry with these girls. Not only is it lame as fuck to get mad at a girl for rejecting you, but it’ll also ruin your chances with her friends who are also 100% Instagram models. If you’re DMing models and creeping on them or swearing at them, you should probably put the phone down and take a break.

    If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to stand a chance against those male Instagram models who don’t even have to try. Good luck!