The Swapoo Story – Emulation gets a Napster!!!

Zophar’s Domain is now the proud host of Swapoo, formerly Romney.  Swapoo is a new piece of software, that got renamed quickly, that acts just like that now-infamous program named Napster and has gotten plenty of press already.  Its author is 17 years old, named Jeff Freeman, and from Zophar’s area in the United States (hint hint, it has a “P” and is on the east coast;-)).

Simply put, this program allows the user to download ROM images from other people’s computers once they connect to the Snapoo server – just like Napster.  So, basically, it is a modified Napster copy-cat program that collects ROMs.

Anyway, supporting programs like Swapoo could spell trouble for everyone involved in emulation.  Think about it, people downloading illegal ROM images off of each other’s computers in a type of “sharing” movement could spell the end of emulation with all the publicity, and who do we thank for all this you may ask? Zophar ;-), for publicizing it at Zophar’s Domain? The talented young author? Or just ourselves for proudly using it?

This program could spell doom for emulation and cause it to go further underground.  Downloading from images shouldn’t be something like Napster in today’s age of emulation – with Nintendo and IDSA bugging people all the time, it should stay as it is – a struggle to keep images alive and find interesting ways to distribute them, but not something like this – the attention is un-needed.

Anyway, you now know where it is located, who did it, and what it is.  The user now will determine its fate ;-), as the infamous Star Wars quote puts it “The force is with you”(I know it sounds stupid but it fits).…